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Honeycomb board
A honeycomb board is a sheet with a geometric shape of a cellular structure.  A cellular structure is the infrastructure of a honeycomb board that produces the lightest product with the least amount of raw material, obtaining the optimal weight-strength ratio while maximizing the cost of the product. Its basic arrangement is as trademarked logo of Qingdao Tubo Board Co., Ltd.:
Honeycomb board by material is mainly divided into: paper honeycomb board, , aluminum honeycomb board, , plastic honeycomb board.  Paper honeycombs are used in situations where performance requirements are low and cost-sensitive, aluminum honeycombs are used in situations where performance requirements are high and low cost-sensitive, and plastic honeycombs are used in situations where performance requirements are high and cost-sensitive, making them the best overall cost-effective cellular solution. In addition, plastic honeycomb panels are the only option for applications with special requirements such as corrosion resistance and insulation.

Plastic honeycomb board
Plastic honeycomb boards, or honeycomb plates made from plastic, are commonly used as the core material for composite honeycomb boards and are therefore also known as plastic honeycomb cores.
Plastic honeycomb board by material is mainly divided into:PP honeycomb plate (polypropylene honeycomb),,PC honeycomb board (polycarbonate honeycomb),and other thermoplastic honeycomb board.
Plastic honeycomb board by form is mainly divided into: base honeycomb plate, , core honeycomb plate, , composite honeycomb board, foaming honeycomb board.
Plastic honeycomb panels have all the advantages of both cellular construction and plastic material:
1. Optimal weight-strength ratio
2. Excellent fluid conduction
3. Excellent sound insulation
4. Long-lasting moisture-proof corrosion resistance
5. 100% recycling, non-toxic and harmless
6. Uv resistance, fire retardant and other functions can be achieved by adding different plastic additives

Composite cellular board
Composite honeycomb board is a variety of composite honeycomb boards formed by panels of different materials on the surface of plastic honeycomb boards. Therefore, the composite honeycomb board can be roughly divided into: wood honeycomb board, stone honeycomb board, , metal honeycomb board, , glass-steel honeycomb board, according to the panel material used. The basic structure of the composite honeycomb board is shown:
A. Composite cellular boards
B. Composite panels
C. Plastic honeycomb boards
If foaming material is filled in the hole core of the plastic honeycomb plate, the foaming honeycomb plate can be provided with better sound insulation insulation.

Plastic honeycomb panels provide a wide range of product solutions for different industries in the automotive industry, , aerospace, , yachting, , rail transportation, , logistics and transportation, , building decoration, , air diversion, , human body protective equipment and other fields have excellent application performance.



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