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  • Yacht ship
Yacht ship

Plastic honeycomb panels provide a wide range of product solutions for different industries in the automotive industry, , aerospace, , yachting, , rail transportation, , logistics and transportation, , building decoration, , air diversion, , human body protective equipment and other fields have excellent application performance.

Composite sheet

Tubbo plastic honeycomb plate surface composite panels of different materials, such as wood, slate, aluminum plate, glass plate, stainless steel plate, etc., can form a variety of composite plastic honeycomb plate with different characteristics, to meet a wide range of different special needs of various applications.


When Tubbo plastic honeycomb plates are subjected to sustained and persistent pressure, the cavity wall shrinks uniformly constantly to absorb kinetic energy. According to this feature, it has been applied to the energy absorber of the car bumper. For example, Fiat, BMW, Mercedes cars are commonly used in energy absorbers in fenders and bumpers.

Yacht Ships

Tubbo plastic honeycomb plate raw materials are directly supplied by world-renowned manufacturers, with Tubbo's exquisite manufacturing process and superior formula can make the honeycomb board in corrosive media can still maintain a physical, chemical stability. Long-lasting moisture-proof corrosion resistance ensures stable performance of the various components of long-running yacht ships in the lake's oceans.

Rail transit

Tubbo plastic honeycomb plate of a variety of excellent characteristics, used in high-speed trains, especially light rail, subway vehicles, such as control panel, bulk wall, ceiling, four-corner doors and isolation door and compartment body, can significantly reduce self-weight, enhance capacity.

Logistics and transportation

With an excellent weight-strength ratio, Tupou plastic honeycomb plates are ideal for filling cores as compartment materials and cargo packaging materials, significantly reducing their own weight and significantly increasing payloads, thereby reducing daily operating costs and reaping a high economic return.

Building decoration

Tubbo plastic honeycomb plates have a cellular pattern with arrangement rules to produce a wonderful environmental effect. Excellent sound insulation performance, in soundproof walls, structural walls, honeycomb furniture and other aspects of the market. Non-toxic harmless, green and environmentally friendly characteristics, is to create a healthy home life suitable decoration materials.

Flow filtration

Tubbo plastic honeycomb board using advanced production technology, pipe inner wall and outer wall are very smooth, the parallelity between the pipes is very high, can efficiently convert the turbulence of various fluids into layer flow, so it is the air conditioner, food display freezer and other wind curtain flow plate of the best substrate, but also the air filter skeleton of choice products.

Body care

Tubbo plastic honeycomb plate has the function of cushioning shock, but also self-breathing characteristics (air can circulate), so it is widely used in sports and leisure activities as a body protection supplies, such as motorcycle sports protective clothing, helmets, elbows, knee protection, etc., for human protection to create a new level.

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